OLYMPIA® Beachfashion 2020:

Fun at the beach!

Youthful swimwear as pure as the summer itself. Sexy, sporty, sweet. Perfectly on trend: Athleisure for the beach.

Bayreuth. Uncomplicated and upbeat, for sporty fun on the beach Fun details and originality with a little flair – the OLYMPIA® Collection 2020 is perfect for a youthful lifestyle – no matter what your age. Along with a range of creative models, the special series "Olympia loves you” epitomises the youthful spirit of the brand. This is complemented by fresh combinations of simple pieces, featuring sophisticated details and cute designs in sexy cuts. Across the board, all models are made exclusively from the best materials and with the renowned high quality you have come to expect from Adolf Riedl. All items offer an excellent fit in cups from A to F and sizes ranging from 34–50.


This is not a separate series, but rather a compilation of different series. The common theme is an active yet relaxed beach lifestyle, also known in the industry as athleisure. The series Surfer Girl, Sunny Kiss and Flower Glam perfectly exemplify this style: athletic with clean lines and a simple design, gorgeously playful, or sophisticated and sexy. All three series come with matching leggings, which are not a only a sexy accessory for the beach, but also the perfect garment for any type of beach activity – from beach volleyball to yoga workouts. The plain-coloured capri style pants are available in four colours: black, bright red, midnight blue and dark green, ideal for mixing and matching. Advantages for retailers: This compilation comes supported with special POS materials, providing you with additional revenue.

Attention to detail, cute designs, sexy cuts

Among all these series, what really stands out in the new OLYMPIA® Collection is the stunning attention to detail. This is exemplified by the "Olympia" lettering on the Surfer Girl styles as well as the ruffles on the Paradise Pink or Red Bliss models. In addition to creative and sometimes stunning back designs, the models Surfer Girl, Ocean Waves, Golden Hour or Girl's Delight, also feature some fantastic and truly exciting cuts.
The glamorous bikini necklines on the Surfer Girl or Dream Time models really stand out. And the Red Bliss model with its super cute, ruffled Carmen-style bustier is really eye catching. The bikini briefs from the Dream Time series and the very sexy Blessed Moment one-piece feature retro touches with high-cut legs. The Flower Glam series is sure to impress with some stunning cuts and styles. Choose extraordinary glamour with the high-waisted bikini pants, featuring a wide, twisted belt. Or go for a super sexy swimsuit with simple leg cutouts.
This modern swimwear collection also features fun with fabrics. The series Dream Time and Ocean Side are made from materials that feel great to wear, while Paradise Pink and Girl's Delight feature net fabric. The series Sunny Kiss, Paradise Pink, Blessed Moment or Rainbow Peak offer particularly creative designs. Flower Glam features metallic colour blocking and a cute floral print. Tropical Dream shows off with lush floral motifs on bright white, while Golden Hour impresses with a dramatic photo print.


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